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Rocked by Breakers

This painting, entitled “Rocked by Breakers”, has rocks with violet hues. What is exciting about this group of waves crashing on rock paintings is that the rocks are raised off the surface as much as two cm. The texture of the wax lends itself beautifully to the real texture of rocks so it adds to […]

“Blinding Whitecaps” & “Reservoir”

┬áThis painting entitled “Blinding Whitecaps” was a very popular choice with visitors to the Williams Mill Gallery. Numerous clients spoke about the connection to the brilliant sun sparkling off of the waves and the resulting feeling of movement. Again, the raised surface of the rocks on the right make a strong contrast to the numerous […]

rocked by water

This is a solo exhibition of encaustic paintings by Mary Ellen Chapman. This collection offers wide angle horizons combined with exaggerated close ups of Lake Huron waterscapes. Although inspired by specific studies from The Fishing Islands, these coastal images can remind one of shores from the Canadian Maritimes to the Carribean. Mary Ellen paints from […]