“Blinding Whitecaps” & “Reservoir”

24 X 30"

 This painting entitled “Blinding Whitecaps” was a very popular choice with visitors to the Williams Mill Gallery. Numerous clients spoke about the connection to the brilliant sun sparkling off of the waves and the resulting feeling of movement. Again, the raised surface of the rocks on the right make a strong contrast to the numerous white and silver lines on the left. This painting is in the collection of Mr. Rod Smith and Ms. Patsy Reed-Smith.

16 X 16″


24 X 30″


20 X 16″


24 X 30″

“Reservoir” was in the centre of the main impact wall for the ‘rocked by water’ exhibit. It attracted the most comments of the show. Numerous people were interested in the subtle rocks suggested beneath the water and the rich variety of colours from soft pastel yellows and mauves to intense blues and greens. This work is no longer available.

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