“raised surfaces” Exhibit

This solo exhibit seemed to generate so much enthusiasm – mainly for its extreme use of thick encaustic paint.  Some of the “raised surfaces” were elevated as much as three centimetres. Ten works sold at the Williams Mill Exhibit and a number of commissions have been requested as a result of “favourites” already sold! The large tree “Rustic Santuary seemed to be a real source of energy and enthusiasm – even for the Grade Four Class visiting the Mill.  A large number of smaller works sold and “The Soul Sheep” could have found at least four homes! Interestingly enough, some of the smaller works can take almost as much time as the larger works and they are definitely challenging to control. So for those who selected a moderately-sized artwork, rest assured that you have a painting that will provide many years of enjoyable looking! I am very pleased that so many of the works will go on to live in new homes.

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