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This newest theme of WATER LILIES has met with great response!   Water Lilies, Kingsford Lake, 36 X 48″ Lilies from Below, 12 X 12″ The theme of trees is also available! Halfway to the Lake, 58 X 30″ In addition, the newest theme of CLOUDS is very popular: Grab the Silver and Gold, 24 X […]

summer 2014

April 18th –         I would like to thank all of my patrons, friends and family who came to the Mill to see this latest collection! The response was tremendous! The opening was exciting with over ninety people in attendance. And so many have toured through the two gallery rooms all week […]

April 2014 Solo Exhibit: Off the Surface Exhibited at Williams Mill Gallery from April 2 – 13 Artist Statement: “Nature always wears the colors of the spirit” – Ralph Waldo Emerson The colours of nature are scored into these veneers of Mary Ellen Chapman’s encaustic relief artworks. In each painting there are at least twenty layers of […]

“off the surface” Exhibit

This was a solo exhibition of encaustic paintings was at The Rose Theatre Art Gallery by Brampton Visual Art teacher Mary Ellen Chapman. The Exhibit ran from June 8 – 29, 2013 Visit the art gallery at:        1 Theatre Ln                                      Brampton,                                    ON L6V 0A3                                  This collection offered three different themes of sheep, water-scapes and treetops.   […]

“raised surfaces” Exhibit

This solo exhibit seemed to generate so much enthusiasm – mainly for its extreme use of thick encaustic paint.  Some of the “raised surfaces” were elevated as much as three centimetres. Ten works sold at the Williams Mill Exhibit and a number of commissions have been requested as a result of “favourites” already sold! The large tree “Rustic Santuary seemed […]

rocked by water – artist statement

rocks can be small pebbles, or cookie-sized stacked into a castle. rocks can also be massive: they are teeth, the bone structure of the earth’s crust. water is eternal: submerging so much rock water can make satin from crusty lava pummeling the sediment at shore. when i hold new life i immediately rock that infant […]

rocked by water

This is a solo exhibition of encaustic paintings by Mary Ellen Chapman. This collection offers wide angle horizons combined with exaggerated close ups of Lake Huron waterscapes. Although inspired by specific studies from The Fishing Islands, these coastal images can remind one of shores from the Canadian Maritimes to the Carribean. Mary Ellen paints from […]