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“Horse Portrait” series

This painting “Leah’s Chocolate”  is a much-loved portrait done as a gift for his beloved rider.

Commissions of your favourite horse can be created upon request at paintings@mellen.ca

“Sheep” series

“Raised Bark” series

“Waterscape” series

This Maui Wave mirrors the way the wax can pool if you control it just right with the heat gun. There are so many layers of different blues and greens in the encaustics that it feels like you are also swaying in the waterscape. This work is 18 X 60″ so it is a substantial piece with many visual details to observe as the natural lighting conditions change throughout the day.

“Magnified Mass” series

“Cumulous Clouds” series

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  1. Laura Lush

     /  March 3, 2015

    Mary Ellen!
    I am just blown away by your recent work. Incredible depth and breadth of subjects.

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